How it Works

DoctorsChain is a blockchain personal health record (PHR) database which contains the healthcare information donated by individuals. The PHRs are safely blockchained and the donators get cryptocurrency (DRC tokens) rewards for the data they offer.

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DRC token rewards

DRC is the cryptocurrency used in DoctorsChain ecosystem. Donators get DRC tokens rewards for the data they offer.

Use DRC Token

DRC is the only currency used in DoctorsChain ecosystem and all participants who would like to handle health data need to hold it.

Donator's authority

The donors have the right to enable any medical personnel access their health records and has the authority to determine from who would share the medical data.

Safe & Secure

Every transaction or interaction or sharing of information process would be managed through blockchain technology .

Why DoctorsChain

Problems & Solutions

Health information system (HIS) refers to the scheme managing health data of individuals. HIS is considered as the most critical tool to give a patient accurate and appropriate medical solution at the right time.

The present HIS, however, is extremely fragmented since a clinic merely records the health information of a patient and is reluctant to share its own data with other institutions. It is inevitable that you waste enormous amount of money and time for repetitive medical tests in the current closed system like this.

The primary damage the locked HIS brings is that you may miss the critical chances to treat your disease the right way and at the right time.

DoctorsChain is constructed to solve the challenges the current health data system faces. It is a platform that uses the decentralized technologies of blockchain and smart contracts which can make health information exchanges more efficient.

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What is DoctorsChain

Secure & Transparent

The astonishing blockchain and smart contracts mechanism makes the whole data be stored without any danger to be altered, hacked or manipulated.

Safe & Secure
Reward Donator
My Authority
Smart dApp
Health Life

Bockchain Hospital

Blockchain hospital uses DrC technology that personal Health records are managed by blockchain and DrC token is used for all payment.

We are supposed to expand DrC system to help hospitals around the world to switch to blockchain hospitals easily and have a plan to establish DrC hospitals worldwide.


In DrC Hospital in Vietnam, all treatment costs are paid by DrC.

The PHR is stored in a blockchain and will be used easily for post-treatment anywhere in the world.

In other words, after a Korean doctor has performed plastic surgery in Vietnam, the patients who get operation in Vietnam can come to Korea and continue treatment.

DrC Hospital will open a medical video lecture system in DrC Community to help doctors improve their medical skills.

DoctorsChain App

Healthcare Mobile App

Our clients can use the advanced healthcare service DoctorsChain provides such as the health data marketplace dealing with their health data and doctor-to-patient telemedicine application which helps patients get superior medical care even at home via phone or internet live.

Download the DoctorsChain new mobile app, and get the most out of your healthcare tools designed to enhance your health life.

Our Core Team

Professional Experts

we are proud of our great team. He is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic people we have, and is always ready and willing to help out where needed.


Young Goo Roh

CEO & Founder

Mr. Young Goo Roh is the CEO of Doctorschain.

After graduating from Yonsei University in business administration, more than 15 years he have run medical business in Korea and China.

His strength is the convergence of IT technology and medical business.

He worked for SAS Korea IT division.

He was the CEO of the Appletree Dental Network Group & Hangzhou YINXIU Medical Center.

He is currently running the Chains Academy to promote the blockchain.


Jong Yoon


Mr. Jong Yoon is the CTO of Doctorschain.

He is a professor at School of Computer Science, Kookmin University.

Prior to Kookmin University, he was in Silicon Valley as an IT infrastructure consultant and entrepreneur.

Throughout his 15-year career in Silicon Valley, Jong had worked for a number of companies, including Facebook, Pinterest, Yahoo, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, IBM, and Ericsson.

He had also served as CEO of Mirakle51, San Francisco based startup accelerator, and Managing Director of TIPS Town, Korean government’s startup acceleration organization.

Jong holds bachelor's degree from Yonsei University, and master's degree from Stanford University.


Yong Wen


Mr. Yong Wen is the Founder of Doctorschain

He is an excellent doctor in global medical industries.

and an authoritative professor in public Health administration.

He received MD from Beijing Medical University.

 &  OMD from Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine University.

He received PH.D from Seoul National University.

He is an associate professor of Beijing Medical University.

He is an international advisor of Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare & an advisor of 21st Century Life Science Foundation


Li Yihua


She is the Founder of DoctorsChain & CEO of Korea Bitservice Capital.

MBA of USA fort hays state university.

Vice President, Peking University Blockchain Club, Korea Branch.


Min Chul Hong


He is the founder of DoctorsChain.

He graduated from Sungkyunkwan University.

He is the President of Korea-China Medical Friendship Association.

He is the CEO of Shandong Clinique Han trading Limited.

He is a Senior Advisor of Seoul National University Hospital.

He is the CEO of SJ Healthcare Co., Ltd.


Charles Lee


He was the CEO & founder at Playforum Inc., &CEO at Estin Inc.

He graduated from yonsei University Information Industrial Engineering.


Young Mok Kim


Mr. Young Mok Kim is the CIO of DoctorsChain.

He graduated from yonsei University Business Adminstration.

He was the Vice chairman of Cyworld Division SK Communications.

He got Achievement award of The 30th anniversary of Korea Internet.


Chunng Hyo Noh


Mr. Chung Hyo Noh is the CFO of DoctorsChain.

He is a KICPA.

He graduated from Yonsei Universty Business Administration.


Kyung Jun Park


Mr. Kyung Jun Park is the CFO & Founder of Doctorschain.

He served as chairman for Subcommittee of the Cryptocurrency Enterprise during the past Presidential Election Campaign.

He was the Project Development Director for the Grandtag Financial Group of Hong Kong, and a director of the Peking University AMP, as well.

He is also the Vice President of the Ifeng Korea (

He is capable of conducting the Oversea Marketing and fundraising through his various investing networks.

He’s many specialties, such as establishing business strategies and human networking by high-level of communication skill.



Sean Zyung-Hwan Yang

He was the CEO & Director at Soribada, Inc., CEO at Fondora, Inc., and CEO at Soribada Games, Inc.

He received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University.


Roy Kim

He graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

He is the director of Shanghai 6th People’s Hospital International Medica Center.

He was the project manager of Hanya Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

He was the Assitant manager of Shanghai Nine Dragons Investment Co., Ltd.


Sung Wook Lee

Mr. Sung Wook Lee is the CEO of Mstar Holdings.

He is the CEO of Gaewonjungbo114 ltd.

He graduated from Chungnam National University.


Jong Woo Kim

Mr. Jong Woo Kim is the CEO of Youngil Pharmaceutical Company.

He graduated from yonsei University Business Adminstration.

He received B.A. of Business Administration at Yonsei University.

He was a Credit Analyst of Korea Ratings.

He was Equity Analyst of Korea Investment & Securities(Dongwon Securities).


Sang Won Lee

Mr. Sang Won Lee is the head of Yonsei Barun Hospital.

He graduated from Yonsei University College of Medicine and Medical Graduate School.

He received MD from Yonsei University.


Chang Ho Lee

Mr. Lee is the owner, publisher and CEO of INEWS24 Co.,Ltd. & JOYNEWS24.

He graduated from Chungnam National University of Korea.

He was the chairman of Korea Internet Newspaper Association(KINA).

He got the 2017 Internet Media Achievement Award from KINA.


Seung Wha Chung

Mr. Seung Hwa Chung is a professor of Yonsei University School of Business.

He received Ph.D. University of Pennsyvania.

He received M.A. The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania & Yale University.


Yang Gu Choi

He is the CEO of Hugmom & Hugin (Psychological Counseling Center).

He is the CEO of Beyond M (Medical Promotion Company).


Sophia Yun

She is Global News Reporter in Aju Business Daily.

She is Consultant in Careercare.

She is Reporter in The Hankyoreh News Paper.

She is Bachelor in English Language & Literature, Sogang University, Seoul, Korea Master Degree in Politics, Yonsei University.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find more information about the DoctorsChain Echo System. - The incentivized, blockchain-based, personal health record platform.

DoctorsChain is basically based on PHR (Personal Health Record) which can also be named 'Personal Health log' . The PHR is a tool that you can use to collect, track and share past and current information about your health or the health of someone in your care. Your PHR can give medical care providers more insight into your personal health story. PHR is different from medical records which contain information about your health compiled and maintained by each of your healthcare providers. A PHR, however, is information about your health compiled and maintained by you.
DRC solves security problems through Hyperledger Fabric technology. Hyperledger Fabric is the system that all access control decisions are based upon the user’s identity attributes. The sensitive data is only shared with those members are allowed to have access to it. Hyperledger Fabric is about having separate ledgers or channels each distributed ledger in the network lives only within the context of a channel. Thus, total data confidentiality across organizations that don’t need to share any data can be achieved by allocating these organizations to separate channels.
The users who donate their medical data can get financial reward through the deals making in Marketplace and they are also able to get special medical care when they need it. The health institutions such as a hospital, a medical laboratory and a pharmaceutical firm can get big healthcare data to cure diseases or work on medical experiments. The health data platforms like DRC have a great potential since the demand for PHR is increasing as the healthcare market is rapidly growing.
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